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iTunes 8 makes me want to yell.
posted by Tik-Tok

Sep 10, 2008 - I've been lurking and not posting for a bit, and I wanted to come back into the open and say this: iTunes 8 is a fucking idiot. They way they have the "Album Artist" category set up, I have one of two options, Either my Coverflow is screwed up and the "Albums" tab of this new Grid view is screwed up OR the grid's "Artists" tab is all wrong. What does iTunes want from me?? The Artists tab should be organized by ARTIST, not ALBUM ARTIST. The way they set up either my soundtracks (like [i:4t3jctwr]I'm Not There, 40 Year Old Virgin, Life Aquatic[/i:4t3jctwr], etc) are consolidated into one album and all lumped together as "various artists" in the artists section, or they're grouped [b:4t3jctwr]the way they should be[/b:4t3jctwr] in "artists" and all spread out as separate artists in coverflow and the "albums" tab. Yes iTunes. Very good. David Bowie, Mark Mothersbaugh, Iggy & The Stooges, Joan Baez, Devo, and the Zombies all released separate albums called [i:4t3jctwr]The Life Aquatic[/i:4t3jctwr]. WHAT A FUNNY COINCIDENCE. HA. HA. FUCK YOU. AHHHHH WHAT AM I MISSING. Am I an idiot or is iTunes 8 really this incompetently produced?
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Little Big Planet
posted by Gunslinger

Sep 10, 2008 - Does anyone else think this game looks [i:hw6tff7j]freaking awesome?!?[/i:hw6tff7j] It's like Garry's Mod with more in-depth tools and a concentrated injection of kittens to make it soul-meltingly cute. I [i:hw6tff7j]might[/i:hw6tff7j] actually buy a PS3 just to play this. And, you know, if I ever felt the need to watch Blu-Ray movies...
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can anyone help me reverse help someone else?
posted by janerowdy

Sep 10, 2008 - today i was playing S4 League and i was just dominating someone, then they started bitching, and i started making fun of them. something i normally never do, but as it turns out it was really fun, and everyone was laughing and having a good time except for the person i was making fun of, they left. can you guys suggest anywhere i can go to anonymously make fun of people without the time it takes to load and all the lag?
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top shelf sale
posted by uncle_silas

Sep 06, 2008 - I thought I'd share. From the top shelf (major comic publisher)website: [quote:3ofogmc4]To celebrate The Surrogates movie wrapping principal photography, surviving San Diego, and all the cool new summer and fall releases, for the next ten days -- thru Friday September 12th -- Top Shelf is having a giant $3 graphic novel web sale. When you browse the site, you'll find over 125 graphic novels and comics on sale -- with 90 titles marked down to just $3 (!) and a slew of other key titles just slashed! All we ask is that you hit a $30 minimum on sale and/or non-sale items (before shipping). It's a great opportunity to load up on all those graphic novels you've wanted to try, but just never got around to picking up. Get 'em while supplies last! [/quote:3ofogmc4] I wanna get "will you still love me if I wet the bed"
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